Matthew Gilmartin, MD

Matthew A. Gilmartin completed his training in medicine as part of the UCSF/UCB joint medical program and continued on to a post doctoral fellowship in medical history and bioethics at the University of Wisconsin, Madison, before beginning the family medicine residency program at Sutter Medical Center in Santa Rosa. Dr. Gilmartin has a particular interest in osteopathy. In medical school he received training in osteopathic manipulation and wrote a Masters Thesis at UC Berkeley on the early history of the osteopathic profession, and continued to study the history of the profession as part of his postdoctoral studies at the University of Wisconsin, Madison.   

Dr Gilmartin’s research interests include clinical trials of manual therapies and a history of complementary and alternative therapies in the United States with a focus on the early history of the osteopathic profession. He has also had experience working with underserved Latino communities including working with the San Francisco Department of Health as a field research and coordinator on the Mission Childhood Immunization Study.  He has traveled extensively in Central and South America and is fluent in Spanish.