Sunny Alperson, PhD, NP

Dr. Sunny Y. Alperson was educated in liberal arts in South Korea and in nursing science as an AACN scholar at the University of San Diego. She is a post-doctoral Bravewell Collaborative Integrative Medicine fellow at National Institute of Health, in the division of Intramural Research at National Institute of Nursing Research and Research Development and Practice of Clinical Center.

As an extension of her dissertation project in the experience of community-based tai chi practitioners, her research interest is further investigating the systemic efficacy of a body-mind intervention called mindful tai chi and broadening its use in clinical research and practice as appropriate.

Her past integrative medicine work includes a book, Clinician’s Guide to Mexican American Herbs, and a related website. The current project is a pilot testing of mindful tai chi intervention in enhancing well-being correlates and facilitating lifestyle changes of obese population in a clinical trial.