Nathan Daley, MD

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Nathan Daley, MD

Dr. Daley attended college and medical school at the University of Oklahoma followed by a transitional year internship and two years of radiology residency in Jacksonville, Florida at the Mayo Clinic, a two year preventive medicine residency at the University of California at San Diego, a masters of public health (MPH) in environmental health from San Diego State University, and the Fellowship in Integrative Medicine at the University of Arizona.

Frustration over the population's disease burden and vanishing health, ecosystem destruction, biodiversity loss, climate change, and increasing global wealth inequalities eventually grew into a passion which could not be ignored and resulted in his transition from radiology to integrative preventive medicine.

His interests involve combining complex system science, evolutionary ecology, preventive medicine, and integrative medicine for a sustainable health oriented medicine. When not working toward this passion, he spends time in wonder with his kids, playing music, or outside running, bicycling, hiking, surfing, or snowboarding.

Dr. Daley practices integrative preventive medicine and performance medicine at the Leonardi Institute in Lakewood, Colorado. He lives in Golden, Colorado with his wife, son, daughter, and several animals.