Anna O'Malley, MD

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Anna O'Malley, MD

Anna was born and raised in the Midwest (Minnesota and Wisconsin), and carries with her a deep love of the cycles of nature, the beauty of snow on pine trees, and an appreciation of community.

She had her eyes and mind opened during her undergraduate years at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Anna studied medicine at the Medical College of Wisconsin, where she was first introduced to the resonance of integrative medicine. She was then drawn to the Bay area of California, completing a Family and Community Medicine residency at San Francisco General Hospital. It was here that she deepened her understanding of the difference between healing and curing, the importance of embodied wellness, and the fascinating interplay between the physiologic, the energetic and the emotional bodies. Her experiences at the General Hospital and in Guatemala have cultivated a commitment to practice an “integrative” medicine that honors the complexity of the human experience, mindful of the societal context and committed to addressing disparities.

Presently, Anna is serving women incarcerated in the California state prison system and in a position to meaningfully effect change. Her intention is to use the power of the mind and heart to bring healing to the wounds of trauma and violence, and to explore the intersection of social justice, community healing, and integrative medicine.

Anna lives in Marin county, and when not in prison can be found working in community clinics on the coast, hiking Mount Tamalpais, directly experiencing the healing power of  food, or dancing.