Kennita Carter, MD

Kennita Carter

Kennita Carter, MD

Kennita R. Carter, MD was born in Los Angeles, California and spent her childhood growing up in both Los Angeles and rural South Carolina. She serves as a Clinical Assistant Professor of Medicine in the Department of Internal Medicine at the University of Maryland School of Medicine and is a primary care physician at the Department of Veterans Affairs, VA Maryland Health Care System in Baltimore. Kennita’s life-long interest in integrative medicine started as a child when she heard stories about her grandfather, Dr. George Bengali Kebe, an ob-gyn originally from West Africa who used medicinal herbs in his practice. She believes that being a physician is a calling and a sacred trust. While she enjoys the intellectual stimulation of medicine, her love of the practice of medicine stems from listening to her patients’ stories, being a witness to their sorrows and joy, and serving as a healing presence. Kennita’s own experience with childhood asthma, the health care system and the terrible side effects of medications, such as Theophylline, deepened her resolve to become a physician. What attracts her to medicine now is the ability to have meaningful, dynamic, interactive relationships with patients, their families, her co-workers and community in a way that enhances the quality of her patients’ health and wellbeing. Kennita views the medical relationship as a dynamic process in which both the patient and practitioner can be transformed.

As a primary care physician at the Department of Veterans Affairs, VA Maryland Health Care System, Kennita serves as the Co-chair of the Veterans Health Administration (VHA) National Task Force on Cultural Competency. She received a Bachelors of Science in Psychobiology from the University of California, Los Angeles and completed both medical school and a residency in Internal Medicine at the University of Maryland School of Medicine. She is a fellowship trained Geriatrician and board certified Internist. Kennita completed a fellowship in Geriatric Medicine at Union Memorial Hospital in Baltimore. Prior to joining the VA, she served as Assistant Professor of Medicine in Clinical Geriatrics at the University of Maryland, where she continues to hold a faculty appointment as Clinical Assistant Professor of Medicine and trains both Internal Medicine Residents and Preventive Medicine Residents.

Kennita is especially interested in motivational interviewing, mindfulness, spirituality, manual medicine and physician and employee wellness. Early in her medical career, she received training in massage therapy and spiritual life coaching. Recently, Kennita completed a week long Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Training for Health Professionals, led by Jon Kabat-Zinn and Saki Santorelli, which has been personally and professionally transformational.

Kennita enjoys sailing, boating, kayaking, reading, solitude, travelling, being in nature, the theatre, and good conversation with family and friends. She aspires to live mindfully and embrace fully the spectrum of her life’s experience.