Sheri Lofton, MD

Sheri Lofton

Sheri Lofton, MD

Sheri Lofton was born in West Bend, Wisconsin and graduated from the Medical College of Wisconsin in 1991. After completing her medical residency in Milwaukee where she served as chief resident for two years, she and her family relocated to St. Paul, Minnesota where she joined a thriving family medicine practice. For the past sixteen years, she has taken great pride in caring for the whole person by utilizing traditional western medicine and integrating a holistic approach that focuses on the body, mind, and spirit.

Since 2003, Sheri has been a leader in the implementation and adoption of the ambulatory electronic medical record (EMR) for Allina Health System, the largest not-for-profit health care system in Minnesota. She believes that primary care physicians should be more knowledgeable about integrative medicine in order to provide the best possible care to patients.

By completing the Bravewell Fellowship, Sheri plans to obtain a deeper understanding of integrative medicine so that both providers and patients gain a better understanding and appreciation for the many advantages of holistic methods to patient care. In addition, she hopes to incorporate these new learning’s in the electronic medical record.

While not involved in her busy Family Medicine and leadership role with the electronic medical record, she enjoys spending time with her husband of 22 years and her three beautiful teenage daughters. She is a gardener, cyclist, and cross country skier. She also enjoys travel.