Alliance Integrative Medicine

Alliance Institute for Integrative Medicine

Alliance Integrative Medicine
6400 Galbraith Road
Cincinnati, Ohio 45236

Steve and Sandi Amoils, MDs, Medical Directors

Telephone:  513-791-5521


The physician-led teams of compassionate healers at Alliance Integrative Medicine use a systematized multidisciplinary approach to restore health and wellness on all levels – body, mind and spirit.  

Founded in 1999 and directed by physicians Steve and Sandi Amoils, Alliance Integrative Medicine provides patients in the Greater Cincinnati community with a unique, personalized approach to medicine.  The impetus of their vision was a two-year quest working with medical systems in various indigenous cultures around the world in the early 1980’s.

Alliance believes that optimal health happens when providers work in partnership with patients to care for the whole person.  While many patients arrive with the hope of gaining relief from pain or fatigue, they find themselves returning to the clinic to achieve optimum health and a sense of wholeness.  In other words, the Alliance Institute strives to transform illness into wellbeing.  The practitioners feel that illness can be used as a fulcrum for healing, allowing for physical improvement, psychological transformation and spiritual growth.

Alliance utilizes a systematized diagnostic and therapeutic approach to integrative medicine, combining the best of conventional medical and functional diagnostic tools with a standardized alternative diagnostic approach to formulate a uniquely individualized assessment.  The physicians then formulate a treatment protocol to help achieve a person’s highest potential for wellness, regardless of their current state of health.

The center’s doctors include family physicians, an internist, an oncologist, a pediatrician and an orthopedic surgeon.  Therapeutic modalities are predominantly physician-directed. Examples include medical acupuncture, Functional Medicine, chiropractic, therapeutic massage, Rolfing, hypnotherapy, energy healing, stress reduction techniques such as Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction, nutritional counseling and supplements.  In addition to clinical care, the Alliance Institute offers spa services, wellness, retail, and educational opportunities.

The following is a list of services and accomplishments since the Alliance Institute’s inception:

  • Alliance Integrative Medicine is one of the largest community-based, financially viable, independently operated integrative centers in the country.
  • To further their goals of research, education and care of the underserved, the Amoils created the non-profit Integrative Medicine Foundation to work alongside the Alliance Institute.
  • The team of physician-led practitioners handles approximately 22,000 patient visits per year.
  • Alliance’s unique signature service — the ACE Healing Treatment — is designed to deliver maximum results and consists of a chiropractic treatment, acupuncture and energy healing delivered consecutively in one session.
  • In 2011, Alliance partnered with the Integrative Medicine Foundation to create the Integrative Medicine Physicians of Excellence (IMPOE) Program. This two-year intensive clinical experience includes training at the University of Arizona Integrative Medicine Fellowship Program, medical acupuncture training at the Helms Medical Institute and training in Functional Medicine through the Institute for Functional Medicine.  This program aims to enhance the ability of physicians to apply their integrative medicine training in clinical practice.
  • Trainee physicians in the IMPOE program coordinate an Underserved Patient Program.
  • A new book, written by the directors Steve and Sandi Amoils, called Get Well and Stay Well – Optimal Health through Transformational Medicine will be published in late 2011.
  • The Alliance Integrative Medicine Foundation partners with the University of Cincinnati Medical School to promote the education of integrative medicine by teaching medical students, residents, physicians and nursing students.