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Duke Integrative Medicine

Duke Integrative Medicine
3475 Erwin Road
Durham, North Carolina, 27705

Adam Perlman, MD, Executive Director

Telephone: 866-313-0959

Website:  www.dukeintegrativemedicine.org


The vision of Duke Integrative Medicine (Duke IM) is to lead the transformation of 21st century healthcare delivery.  Duke IM works to achieve its vision through four strategic initiatives: the development and implementation of innovative models of clinical care; rigorous academic research; medical and professional education; and the translation of evidence-based clinical models and professional education into larger academic and medical systems nationwide.

Duke IM is deeply rooted in the great tradition of collaboration, innovation, and synergy at the Duke University Health System.  Former Chancellor Ralph Snyderman, MD, brought forth a vision that extended beyond the walls of the University, imagining a living laboratory which could hold answers to many of the most systemic challenges faced in the American health care system.  In 2000, Dr. Snyderman’s vision was catapulted forward with an endorsement across the faculty of the Duke University Health System and the hiring of Tracy Gaudet, MD as Executive Director. Under Dr. Gaudet’s direction, a state-of-the art healing environment was designed and executed by the architecture firm Duda/Paine.  The doors of Duke Integrative Medicine opened in November 2006.

In 2011, Adam Perlman, MD, MPH, succeeded Dr. Gaudet as the Executive Director.   Dr. Perlman has since made great strides in optimizing Duke IM’s business model with establishment of the Duke Integrative Primary Care practice and the addition of insurance coverage for medical services.  His leadership continues to build Duke Integrative Medicine as one of the top academic integrative medicine centers in the country. Dr. Perlman also is the Associate Vice President for Health and Wellness for the Duke University Health System.

Clinical care at Duke IM is designed to serve individuals across the health spectrum. Duke IM physicians integrate conventional and complementary medicine to help patients embrace a life of health and wellbeing. They treat simple and complex conditions, offer care after major medical events, and provide therapeutic services in a calming environment designed to promote healing.

Patient care is provided on either a concierge primary care or consultative basis. Concierge primary care is a model of care which allows the physicians to be easily accessible, providing patients with longer doctor visits, shorter wait times and easy appointment scheduling. Duke IM physicians and therapists (acupuncturists, massage therapists, nutritionists, mind-body therapists, etc.) partner with the patients to help them understand what it takes to achieve their health goals and all areas which impact their health and wellbeing.

Patients and visitors to Duke IM may enroll in Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction classes, and other ongoing programs and classes that address a wide variety of health conditions.  Currently, Duke IM providers handle more than 1,000 patient visits per month.

Healthcare professionals and organizations are supported by a wide ranging suite of both distance learning and onsite professional trainings.  Foremost among these is the Duke Integrative Health Coach Professional Training and Certification.  This course promotes a thorough understanding of the integrative health care model, develops effective integrative health coaching skills for use with individuals and groups, and enhances participants' skill sets, knowledge, and professional marketability.  The course is delivered at Duke IM as well as onsite for other healthcare organizations.  More than 700 integrative health coaches have graduated as of 2014.

Other professional training programs include: Mindfulness Training for Professionals, Value Based Care for professionals and healthcare organizations and Health Behavior Change.  These programs are designed to support organizations in successful client engagement in the health behavior changes that underscore the epidemic of chronic disease in our country.

A summary of Duke IM’s accomplishments since its founding include:

  • The design and operationalization of new models of care in a first of its kind clinical environment which demonstrate a new paradigm in health care and have created a new national standard.  The models of care are based on a patient-centered approach, recognizing that the individual can be the single most important factor in the pursuit of optimal health.  The development of personalized health plans, which are broad in their scope and inclusive of strategies aimed at helping patients to implement plans and achieve goals; and fostering the physician and patient partnerships. The new model emphasizes disease prevention by focusing on the whole person approach to healthcare.  http://www.dukeintegrativemedicine.org/patient-care
  • Created and delivered corresponding medical education spanning from premedical students to medical students, residents, and practicing health care professionals.
  • The Integrative Health Coach Professional Training was founded in 2008 and continues to be one of the premier health coach training programs in the country. http://www.dukeintegrativemedicine.org/professional-training/integrative-health-coach-professional-training.
  • Duke IM has grown its research portfolio significantly and its sister institution, the Duke Clinical Research Institute (DCRI), is the national coordinating site for BraveNet, Bravewell’s research network, studying the effectiveness of integrative models of care.
  • Duke IM’s rigorous research program has investigated, among other topics, how integrative medicine interventions can reduce cardiovascular, metabolic and stroke risk as well as suffering in tinnitus; how mindfulness can help people regulate eating habits and change behavioral patterns; the mechanisms underlying the impact of mindfulness on sleep, mood and behavior change; the effectiveness of health coaching on multiple chronic conditions such as weight management and diabetes; and how massage therapy can positively impact osteoarthritis of the knee.
  • Received the 2010 American Institute of Architects (AIA) National Design Award for Healthcare. Duke IM is also the first medical facility in the state of North Carolina to receive LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification for its environmental stewardship.
  • Duke IM was awarded a $1.4 million grant in October 2013 from The Bravewell Collaborative to launch a leadership program focused on Integrative Healthcare in the U.S. Set to begin in early 2015, the Leadership Program in Integrative Healthcare at Duke University will prepare a national cadre of leaders to transform practice and improve the health of the nation. These leaders will embrace a personalized approach to comprehensive medical care that optimizes health.  http://integrativehealthleaders.org/