Patient Empowerment

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Making Better Lifestyle and Healthcare Choices

The wholeness of human beings includes the body (physical self); mind (mental and emotional self); spirit (the soul, that which is timeless); and community (the web of social relations and the environment).  For true health to be achieved, both patients and healthcare providers need to engage this wholeness.

The body’s innate healing systems are among the most powerful allies we have when facing illness or injury. Scientific research shows the immune system can be strengthened or depressed by our thoughts and emotions.  The will to live can make a difference between recovery or relapse.  Science also reveals that people with a strong network of family and friends fare better than those who are alone or estranged, and that a strong religious or spiritual connection can aid recovery from illness.

Another important factor regarding health is that healing is highly individual.  What helps one person may not be what helps another.  Being informed is key.  The more knowledge you have, and the more you understand your own conditions and choices, the better decisions you will make regarding what is right for you.

Recognizing the importance of empowerment and knowledge, one of the Bravewell Collaborative’s initiatives is to educate consumers on the principles, values and benefits of integrative medicine.