Time 1956
Title Deprivation research

Observations show that social deprivation has a direct impact on how the body functions. George Engel & Franz Reichsman publish a description of depression in ‘Monica’, an infant whose malformed digestive tract required that she have a drainage tube in her stomach.

While the infant is in the hospital waiting for surgery, Engel and his colleagues take careful observations of her behavior and measure her gastric secretions during different moods. They find that when the child appears happy and relaxed and is surrounded by familiar people, her gastric secretions flow copiously. When she is alone in a sterile, deprived environment or with strangers and appears sad, anxious and withdrawn, her gastric secretions stop.

This is the first time a measurable physiological function is shown to change in relation to deprivation and a mental state. This deprivation research is the counterpart to Hans Selye’s research on stress and over-stimulation.

Engel focuses on deprivation and loss rather than stress and over-stimulation. He proposes that psychological threats can send the organism into a state of conservation-withdrawal. Engel proposes that states of giving up, including depression and grieving may be conducive to development or worsening of somatic illnesses.

Illnesses such as ulcerative colitis and multiple sclerosis are studied to determine whether they are affected by deprivation.

Spirituality and religion are not addressed in this research.

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