“We don't learn a lot about nutrition in medical school, so that has been a powerful part of the program. I am much more able to be a partner with my patients now. The Bravewell Fellowship is a chance of a lifetime. ”

— Shelly Wroth, MD, Bravewell Fellow 2005 from Duke Integrative Medicine

The Bravewell Fellowship Program

In 2003, the Bravewell Collaborative designated the widespread availability of fellowships combined with a rigorous and supervised clinical experience in integrative medicine as a key strategy in making the "new medicine" more widely accessible.

The University of Arizona Medical School's Fellowship in Integrative Medicine (FIM) offers a highly respected, distance-learning fellowship in integrative medicine: The Associate Fellowship in Integrative Medicine. Their two-year program includes 1,000 hours of instruction with 4 to 6 hours of study per week and 3 residential weeks at the University of Arizona in Tucson for classroom training and community building. The curriculum is presented via the Web, email, online dialogue, articles, books, videos, audio recordings and interaction with faculty and classmates from across the United States and Canada. However, as originally conceived by the FIM, the program did not include clinical experience or clinical supervision.

Bravewell Collaborative members agreed to fund the Bravewell Fellowship Program, which, for a highly selective group of fellows, would expand the FIM program to include supervised clinical experience in leading integrative medicine clinics. During its meeting in January 2004, the Bravewell Clinical Network unanimously agreed to participate by recruiting and selecting Bravewell Fellowship candidates consistent with FIM requirements and providing sites, staffing, supervision of clinical experience, mentoring, and participation in evaluation of the program.

Bravewell Fellows

The Future Leaders in Integrative Medicine

The first class began in January 2005 with 24 full scholarships and 4 partial scholarships awarded. The Bravewell Fellowship has proven highly effective, and support was developed to sustain the program for the second class of Bravewell Fellows. A second class of twenty-three physicians and nurse practitioners graduated the program in December 2008. The third class of twenty-three began the program in January 2009.


Bravewell Fellow Class of 2006

Bravewell Fellow Class of 2008

Bravewell Fellow Class of 2010


Class of 2006

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