The body drawn from an Ayurvedic understanding of human anatomy.The body drawn from an Ayurvedic understanding of human anatomy.
Time 1200 BCE
Title Ayurvedic healing techniques are developed
Event Ayurvedic Medicine sees health as happiness and harmony in the soul, mind and senses, as well as a balance of body processes. By the time it is documented in philosophical texts called the Vedas, Ayurvedic Medicine is an already-practiced ancient health care tradition of India. Literally, it means life (ayur) knowledge (veda). This “life knowledge” was discovered and taught by many Hindu Rishis or sages who meditated on the meaning of life and health.

Thoughts and feelings are very important in Ayurvedic Medicine. To achieve healing, harmony must exist between mental and physical actions. Although mental health is not considered separate from physical health, there is a specific branch of Ayurveda called bhūtavidyā, which focuses on psychiatry and demonology.

Ayurveda believes there are three energies that create all life, including our physical (bodily) experience of life. They are vata, pitta, and kapha. Vata is the energy considered responsible for movement and creativity. Pitta is responsible for transformations, such as courage, digestion and metabolism. Kapha rules structures and affects things like growth, fluids, and compassion.

Life itself is considered the individual's experience of a Supreme spirit-energy. This all-encompassing energy is responsible for every physical and mental expression, thus making the separation of mind, body, and spirit impossible.

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