Daniel David Palmer, founder of chiropractic, adjusting patient.Daniel David Palmer, founder of chiropractic, adjusting patient.
Time 1895
Title Daniel David Palmer establishes chiropractic care
Event Daniel David Palmer, a horticulturist, farmer, and entrepreneur, develops chiropractic care based on a systematic study of anatomy physiology, and healing arts from around the world. Chiropractic care seeks to restore balance to the nervous system through manipulation of the spinal column and other body structures.

Palmer believes that activities of the mind can directly affect the body and vice versa. Because information from the environment goes through the spine to the brain, the body can affect mental health and perception. In the same manner, information and decisions made in the brain go through the spine, affecting the body.

Chiropractic methods view the body in a more holistic, connective way, emphasizing one system’s impact upon another, including both the muscular system and internal organs. Harmony or alignment in all systems is sought. Therapies include manipulations (or adjustments) and massage.

In the 1880s, Daniel David Palmer becomes interested in spirituality and the works of Paul Caster, a magnetic healer. However, Palmer’s personal spiritual beliefs are not inserted into the practice of chiropractic care. As of this site's publication, there are no systematic research reviews which adequately justify the use of magnetic healing.

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