Pyramid at Dahshour.Pyramid at Dahshour.
Time 27th Century BCE
Title Ancient Egyptian physicians address mind, body, & soul in healing practices
Event Hesyre, “Chief of Dentists and Physicians,” attends to Egyptian royalty during the third dynasty (2700 - 2625 BCE). Peseshet, “Lady Overseer of the Lady Physicians,” is the earliest known female physician, and practices slightly later (during the 4th dynasty). Most physicians believe that disease can stem from either spiritual, physical, or mind/heart causes.

Egyptians believe that feelings and thoughts originate in the heart, and physicians recognize multiple diseases of the heart/mind. For instance, depression is described as: “fever in the heart”, “dryness of the heart”, “falling of the heart”, “debility of the heart” and “kneeling of the mind”.

Physical diseases are treated with a variety of therapies, including herbs, minerals, sun therapy, massage and minor surgery. Women’s medical contributions are valued, particularly in the area of midwifery.

Most Egyptians think illness is caused by “evil forces.” Healing methods usually involve worship and spirituality. Medicine, religion and magic are all intertwined.

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