Self Esteem & Relationships

Self Esteem & Relationships

Self-esteem, simply defined, is the opinion people have of themselves. It plays a vital role in relationships, because it impacts people’s:

  • Independence
  • Self-value
  • Assessment of how others view them
  • Ability to realistically assess strengths and weaknesses

Low self-esteem generally results from having a negative self-image. High (healthy) self-esteem results from having a positive self-image. People with healthy self-esteem are often confident, sure of themselves, and highly motivated. Moreover, healthy self-esteem is a cornerstone to developing good relationships because it allows for a deeper connection with others.


The concept of “acceptance” is very important in any discussion of relationship and self-esteem. A critical component in creating healthy relationships is the ability to observe feelings without judgment. People who accept themselves as they are, not as others may want them to be, are generally healthier and more content.

It is important to have a realistic sense of strengths and weaknesses. While there is always room for improvement, being too self-critical is damaging. Change occurs over time, and it is important for people to allow themselves that time.