“Health is a personal and national resource. It is what allows us to engage with life. Without physical, mental and spiritual wellness, we can’t share in loving relationships with our families and friends, or contribute to our communities, or fully participate in our work, or compete on the global stage.”

— Christy Mack, Co-Founder and President of The Bravewell Collaborative

Letter from Bravewell's President

Christy Mack

Dear Friends and Colleagues:

This letter is both a farewell and a thank you.  From the beginning, our goal was to not exist.  So on June 17, 2015 The Bravewell Collaborative will close its doors with pride in our accomplishments and immense gratitude for all the people and institutions with whom we worked along the way.

We formed back in 2002, and have since worked together to change how Americans think about their health and the kind of healthcare they receive, and to bring about the cultural change necessary to create a healthier nation.  Then, when our principal strategies had achieved our goals, and when integrative medicine had become part of the national conversation on healthcare, our members collectively decided that it was time to sunset the organization.

But needless to say, none of this great work could have been possible without you — our friends, our colleagues, our partners, and our supporters.  Together, we made huge strides in making prevention, patient empowerment, and healthy living part of the nation’s priorities.  And together, we developed the core template for care that addresses not just the body, but also the patient’s mind and spirit.  The ranks have swelled — thousands of others are carrying the torch forward and certainly many of us will continue to fund initiatives from our private foundations.

From all of us at Bravewell, thank you for being a part of this effort.

With my best regards,

Christy Mack

Co-Founder and President, The Bravewell Collaborative