Academic Consortium for Integrative Medicine and Health

The most critical need identified by physician leaders has been for fundamental change in the core curriculum used to train medical students. Consequently, early in its formation, The Bravewell Collaborative embraced the need to change medical education and training.

At the same time as Bravewell began its work, the Academic Consortium for Integrative Medicine and Health—then a small group of highly acclaimed medical schools that were developing clinical centers to deliver integrative care—was in its infancy. Bravewell challenged the Consortium's founders to develop a plan and an organizational structure for the Consortium that would build its capacity to change the way physicians are educated in major academic health centers.

Bravewell funded the infrastructure for the Consortium's work for ten years and encouraged its rapid growth, which has resulted in the current membership of more than 56 medical schools and health systems.


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The Consortium helps transform medicine by promoting rigorous scientific studies, creating new models of clinical care, and evolving innovative educational programs that integrate the principles of biomedicine, the complexity of human beings, the intrinsic nature of healing and the rich diversity of therapeutic systems.