Vision & Mission


Bravewell believes that by shifting the focus of our health care system to prevention, health maintenance, early intervention and patient-centered care, integrative medicine holds the power to not only transform the economic models that impede our present health care system but to vastly improve public health, which is essential to our nation's future.


The Bravewell Collaborative exists to bring about optimal health and healing for individuals and society by:

  • Organizing and sustaining a community of philanthropists dedicated to advancing integrative medicine
  • Offering strategic and informed program initiatives that create optimal healing environments for both patients and healers
  • Creating an atmosphere of collaboration that stimulates and supports innovation in integrative medicine
  • Providing educational opportunities for health professionals, consumers, philanthropists and others in a position to move American health care to integrative medicine

The Bravewell Collaborative pursues its mission through supporting the growth of a dynamic community of committed and informed philanthropists that is organized to study integrative medicine, identify and fund key initiatives that advance that field, and collaborate with other organizations pursuing similar missions in a scientifically rigorous and responsible manner.




Identifying and Disseminating Leading Models of Integrative Care

Identify and document the leading models of integrative health care, especially those with demonstrated health benefits and/or cost-effectiveness data, and share this evidence with health systems and others in a position to drive health systems change.


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Strengthening Integrative Medicine Programs

Empower and accelerate the growth of leading clinical centers of integrative medicine that can serve as models for change in the health care delivery system, and to expand the ranks of leading integrative medicine providers through the Bravewell Fellowship program.


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Developing the Research Base for Integrative Medicine

Establish a practice-based research network in integrative medicine that will study the benefits of an integrative approach to care, and to identify partners with whom larger-scale research projects can be conducted that demonstrate the positive health outcomes and economic benefits of integrative models of care.


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Changing the Way Physicians are Educated

Develop and support efforts that build the capacity of physicians to practice integrative medicine.


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Championing Physician Leaders

Empower and support physician champions of integrative medicine to help transform the culture of health care and to reclaim relationship-centered healing.


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Educating the Public

Reach opinion leaders and the general public and educate them on the values and programs of integrative medicine.


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