The New Medicine Training Videos

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These six five-minute training videos, created using footage filmed for The New Medicine, address the patient-provider relationship and the importance of integrative medicine. They can be downloaded for free by clicking on the links provided below.

Being Ill is a Transformative Experience

Robert Jaffee, MD, talks about his experience with a life-threatening illness and how it transformed the way he thinks about medicine and the needs of patients.
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A Patient’s Sense of Abandonment

Robert Jaffee, MD, relates how he was emotionally and mentally abandoned by his doctors as his illness worsened, a fact that left him distraught and upset at a time when he most needed comfort.
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Every Patient Comes to a Doctor for One Thing

Jerome Groopman, MD, of Harvard Medical School, talks about hope and the need for physicians to always offer patients the possibility, however slim, for a better future.
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Listening to the Story is Critical

Arthur Kleinman, MD, of Harvard Medical School, stresses the importance of listening to the patient’s story so that the medical intervention can be tailored to meet their needs and not the needs of the caregiver.
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Maeve’s Story: One Patient’s Experience with the Wrong Doctor

A lack of compassion and empathy on the part of physicians can be devastating to patients.  Maeve Kinkaid’s initial encounter with a breast cancer surgeon left her feeling powerless and lost.
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Maeve’s Story: The Resolution

After firing her surgeon and finding another with whom she felt a connection, Maeve’s advice is, “Find a Physician who makes you feel empowered and smart, not passive and dumb.”
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