“The medical interview is the major medium of patient care and therefore is of central importance to practitioners from both professional and personal perspectives.”

— From Teaching Communication in Clinical Clerkships: Models From the Macy Initiative in Health Communications

Patient-Provider Relationship Training Videos

This series of videos, a teaching manual and an accompanying PowerPoint introductory lecture were created to assist educators teach effective patient-provider communications.

Communication skills are critically important to health and healing and a prime factor in patient satisfaction and empowerment. Studies have shown that effective patient-provider communication is a strong predictor of positive health outcomes.

Produced by Middlemarch Films, creators of The New Medicine PBS series, this set of ten videos features real doctors talking with real patients in suburban and urban settings. The accompanying teaching manual, which was created by Drs. Mack Lipkin and Simone Stromer, includes core concepts and data about doctor-patient communications, an introductory slide set, and learning exercises. The approach is learner centered, encourages interaction, and uses the consensus approaches of the Macy Initiative in Health Communications.


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